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Bordeaux is N°1 wine in Hong Kong

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As the Wine & Dine Festival is starting in Hong Kong for this digital and offline 2020 edition. We can see that Bordeaux is still N°1 wine in Hong Kong …

VK : How do you see Hong Kong in a few years as China is getting more and more powerful ? After being a world financial and trading place, will Hong Kong go back to a fishermen’s village, again ?

James Suckling : Hong Kong will remain as a unique fine wine market with its buoyant and dynamic position in Asia as a wine hub for trade. In fact, I think it complements the People’s Republic of China’s wine market because of Hong Kong’s vast selection of fine wines. Plus, its no tax and no tariff structure for wine makes it unique in the world and attractive to everyone.

VK : Is Bordeaux still in the Hong Kong hearts (and glasses) ?

James Suckling : Bordeaux is still the most consumed fine wine in Hong Kong. Every wine lover knows and appreciates Bordeaux wines despite all the other selections available from just about every wine producing country in the world.

VK : What about the old new world wines ? Australia, Chile …

James Suckling : Australia, Chiles, Argentine and American wines are popular in Hong Kong and growing in interest, particularly with young consumers. But France and Italy dominate the market here especially fine and rare wines. I believe in popularity it goes like this for fine wine consumers: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo, Brunello and Super Tuscans….Burgundy is the most coveted region for wine collectors.

VK : How many wine house are participating to the digital Wine & Dine Festival ?

James Suckling : Over 100 wine merchants are joining the virtual Wine & Dine Festival this year. Most of the wine merchants participating are local such as Jebsen’s and Watson’s, which are key importers in Hong Kong.

To see all the workshops and master class during the Wine & Dine Festival :

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