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Czech Republic confirms its thirst for champagne.

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Over the past few years, the Czech champagne market has grown significantly. Volumes were obviously low in the beginning, but a diversified offering has become rapidly established featuring major brands right down to small independent producers.

The Czechs are not big champagne consumers, but those who do drink it know what they are drinking. This makes the Czech market despite its small size very interesting in the way it is structured. Consumption is substantially concentrated on vintage champagnes, rosés and cuvées prestige.

While the current Czech market for sparkling wines amounts to around 16 million bottles, only 340,000 of these contain champagne. Nevertheless, champagne consumption is continuously growing, up 113% between 2009 and 2012! In fact, drinking champagne was a well-established practice in Czech culture before the Second World War, but was stifled during the Communist regime.

Vinexpo news – January 14th 2014

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